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TreeTek FAQ

What Can We Do For You and Your Trees?
Most trees in public places, be it in a garden or street environment, require some degree of attention. TreeTek are able to advise and carry out all aspects of tree work.

We have listed below some common problems and their solutions.

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Are Your Trees Safe?
Trees in gardens, near to property, over footpaths or roads, need to be kept in a safe condition. Removal of dead, dying, diseased and weak wood will not only improve the safety of your trees, it will also improve their health and appearance.

Are Your Trees Blocking Out Too Much Light?
As trees mature in size, problems with blocking out sunlight increase. Careful pruning is required to either thin or reduce the tree in size.

Problem Tree Stumps?
Old, decaying, unsightly tree stumps can be easily removed with our stump grinder. This specialist piece of machinery chips the stump up into small pieces so that it can be removed safely.

Are Your Trees Subject to Conservation or Tree Preservation Orders?
At TreeTek we have years of experience and we have good relations with your local Council Tree Officers. We can therefore act on your behalf to submit planning applications or have meetings with Council Officers to discuss your requirements.

Are Your Trees Causing Structural Problems?
Trees located near to a property can cause structural problems such as subsidence. Felling the tree in question is not necessarily the right soluion. TreeTek is happy to help by advising the best way forward when you have this problem.

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Tree Reduction & Re-Shaping - Crown Thinning - Crown Raising - Deadwooding
Tree & Hedge Removal - Dangerous Tress - Problem Hedges - Stump Removal - Tree Planting
Local Authority Approved - All Debris Recycled

tree clearance Hampshire

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tree clearance Hampshire

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Treetek Are Available 24 Hours a Day for Emergency Tree Work

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